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About us

At Morison ACPM, we contribute all of our experience and knowledge of the sector to an extensive range of professional services. On the one hand, we seek to reassure and put our clients at ease that the work is well done, on time and organized. At the same time, we also offer advice to help our clients become more competitive, an essential value in the constantly changing world in which we live. We have been contributing our expertise to the business world since 1984, a sufficient amount of time for us to consider ourselves a senior professional group. Serious work, honesty and respect for our clients has been the fundamental premise of our company since its beginnings.


Understanding and managing change effectively has become one of the major challenges that businesses have to face. The fast pace of innovations and their impact on markets, manufacturing systems, marketing and management of companies require that we be stay constantly alert in order to guarantee that the future, rather than a threat, is a true ally.


In this new environment, the need for information, training and reflection is an ongoing requirement for everyone involved. Responding to these new demands and the willingness to provide answers that ensure proper company management is at the heart of who we are.


From our central offices in Madrid and Barcelona we operate throughout the country. Internationally, thanks to one of the founding companies of Morison International, actually Morison KSi, we are present in 88 countries across the world.


Morison ACPM is in the middle of the ranking of major audit and consulting firms prepared by the newspaper Expansión. This represents a highly advantageous position for our clients: we are more accessible and flexible than large audit and consulting firms while at the same time far more comprehensive and decisive than small companies. Such is the benefit of being in the middle ;)