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During the life of a company/businessperson, as well as for institutions, they face many challenges and changes that require us to make adjustments and restructurings in the organizations to meet the new challenges in good conditions.

In Morison CF we have participated in a multitude of restructurings over the years, contributing to our experience and accumulated knowledge.

Design and implementation of the best strategies for corporate restructurings that achieve their objectives. Innovative development of legal measures for cost savings of operations, labour, tax, financial and real estate.

We have participated in operations of various reorganization such as mergers, demergers, incorporations of new branches, asset purchases, share exchanges, global assignment of assets and liabilities and liquidations of companies both Spanish and foreign.


Morison CF, carries out:

- Analysis of alternatives.

- An assessment of the company's shares.

- Assistance in the negotiating process.

- Assistance in the search for mechanisms of financing of the acquisition of shares.


Service attended in the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese