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Partner Search


After Morison CF becomes aware of the need of a client who wishes to include into their company a new technological or financial partner, our Corporate Finance area will be in contact with potential investors for our client in their project or company.

The partner may join through the acquisition of assets, through capital increase, or through a combination of them.

In the search for technological partners we contact companies, both national and international, directly or through our international network present in 68 countries, related to the sector of activity in which the client company operates, and for the search for financial partners, in the majority of cases they are industrial partners (family firms with local experience and financial resources), Venture Capital firms and Private Equity.


Morison CF, carries out an in-depth analysis of the company:

- Review of financial projections and plans for the future.

- Preparation of the financing plan

- Valuation of the company.

- Presentation preparation.

- Selection of candidates and initial contact.

- Consulting on the process of analysis and negotiation of agreements.

- Assistance in the Due Diligence process.


Service attended in the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese