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Mergers & Adquisitions


The evolution of the economy means applying different strategies for the growth and development of business organizations. Completing organic growth, a process of merger and acquisition of another organization, such as goodwill, sales channel, operational unit, etc. , allow you to rapidly meet the objectives of the company.

Conversely, many times it is necessary to abandon a product, line of business, division, factory, etc. , and a sales process, demerger or divestiture can obtain the best result.

The professional team of Morison CF has extensive experience in complex operations of debt restructuring and refinancing, negotiations with financial institutions, corporate restructurings and restructurings  of corporate groups, debt capitalisation, etc. , from the initial stages of the project until the end of the operation.

Our professionals have also extensive experience in the area of mergers and adquisitions (acquisition of all types of companies, by purchase, capital raising, etc. , corporate restructurings and structural changes such as mergers, demergers, global assignment of assets and liabilities, both domestic and cross-border) aswell as advice for divestment,  if neccessary.


Morison CF, is involved with their client to offer a comprehensive package of services that includes the following:

- Strategic analysis of the company.

- Definition of a consolidation strategy.

- Review of financial projections and plans for the future.

- Preparation of post-consolidation financial projections.

- Valuation of companies involved.

- Advising on the process of negotiating the consolidation.

- Assistance in obtaining financing mechanisms.

- Assistance in the Due Diligence process.

- Advising on the negotiation of final agreements.

- Advising on the process of integration


Service attended in the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese