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Debt Refinancing


The refinancing of debt can be an effective method of overcoming a situation of corporate insolvency.

From the debtor’s side,  determining the perimeter of companies to refinance, the refinancing rate (syndicated or bilateral), analysis of types of debt and creditors and definition of the objectives of the process. Negotiation of standstill agreements with its current banking pool of financial institutions. Search for new funding, sale of assets and debt swaps. Alternative solutions for the viability of the business (debt for equity swap, rescheduling, corporate debt issuance, etc. ).

From the creditor’s side, analysis of the type of refinancing proposal, study of the package of guarantees, consideration of the viability plan and timetable for debt repayment. Preparation of resistance testing of the guarantees in the event of insolvency. Negotiation of standstill agreements, and drafting of agreements of new guarantees or modification of existing ones.


Morison CF, carries out a renegotiation of the financial structure of the company: -

- Reinancing of assets and businesses.

- Sale of assets to generate extraordinary cash-flow.

- Design and execution of the company's financial plan in the short and long term.


Service attended in the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese