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Outsourcing of Payroll Department


Career Counselling is part of the daily activity of the company. Our desire is to always be nearby, providing fast and accurate solutions, always keeping our clients informed of any legal changes that may be of interest. Concerning those recurring monthly tasks and that could be termed ‘routine’ we provide: -


- General advice on  all those issues that may be deemed either of interest, or need,  within the area of employment for our clients.

- Preparation of the monthly payroll of the employees of the companies.

- Preparation of the monthly payments to Social Security.

- Preparation of monthly summaries of payroll costs by work place.

- Preparation and presentation of all kinds of labour contracts and contract extensions.

- Processing for the corresponding public institution of sick leave, derived from work-related accident or illness.

- Preparation of quarterly personal income tax.

- Preparation of the annual summary of IRPF mod. 190 and individual certificates of income of the workers.

- Continuous Monitoring of termination of employment contracts.

- Preparation of settlements at the end of employment.

- Preparation of company certification to obtain unemployment benefits.

- Inscription of new companies or work places.

- Timely notification of any legal developments that may be of interest to clients.

- Follow-up of the company that performs evaluations of occupational hazards and health and safety monitoring.