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Labour Law Consulting


From time to time the employer may require advice on labour issues which is both flexible and personalised, for the sake of resolving conflicts or improving internal labor relations. We understand that often the management of these issues may be uncomfortable either through lack of legal knowledge or by its own nature, so the support of expert professionals is the best way to address these tasks.

The most prominent services in this area are:

- Representation in the management and administration of the company with workers delegates or company committees. Long gone are the times that a company could have in their structural costs, those which correspond to the position of head of personnel Except for large business structures, these tasks have been absorbed by the director of finance or by employer themselves, and which are not usually a pleasure for either to do. As a result we have developed since 1991, the function consistent with representation of the company at meetings that are required with delegates of the company personnel or with company committees thus leaving the Directors outside the process but following the affairs of the company, by acting as external human resources managers.

- Records of substantial modification of conditions of contract or termination of contracts. These are also a matter of routine work,  processing from their inception, with the drafting of all types of reports and any files as required by the Workers' Statutes, whether for substantial changes such as the termination of contracts, whether they are individual or collective in nature.

- Procedures for dismissal: Our clients are accompanied in the procedures for dismissal of workers, from the very beginning, with the wording of the letter of dismissal, until its completion, if necessary, if the case is held in the Social Court .

- Legal Assistance in all courts on labour issues, including mediation.

- Labor Inspection: we represent and attend with our clients in any subpoenas, to the labour inspectorate, in order to protect their interests.

- Processing of benefits documents: Within our activities, we arrange disability, widows, orphans or retirement benefits,  From administrative filings, up to representation before the Social Courts in such cases where the requested benefit is incorrectly denied