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Tax Consulting

Tax advice and tax planning is a tool whose presence in the processes of management of companies and institutions brings tangible benefits and positions of competitive advantage.


The tax advisory services of Morison seek, with agility and efficiency, to provide you with a knowledge of the tax structure of your company with planning and recommendations in the short and medium term that contribute, within the realms of legality, to reduce your tax burden.

We advise you to meet your tax obligations in the most efficient way, looking for the lower taxation, in order to protect your wealth.


The provision of tax advisory services includes, among others, the following aspects:

- Determination of the fiscal strategy for the client and,on the basis of the same, planning of their taxation and of their actions.

- Advice and review of the end of period or annual tax returns, as well as the corresponding delivery tp the relevant tax agencies.

- Advice and collaboration in the search for and acquisition of incentives and/or fiscal aid at the local, regional, state or community level.

- Advice and collaboration in the processes of tax inspection, both in terms of representation before the inspector, as to preparation, drafting and subsequent presentation of documents, resources, and claims; on an administrative level.

- Regular information on new developments and tax changes of interest.


To analyze and make decisions about aspects that affect the policy and fiscal planning of the company, meetings occur with varying frequency between Morison and the client.