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An audit offers a privileged view of a business. No other professional has the opportunity to have such a thorough vision of a company. For this reason it is imperative that we provide our clients with the added value that they deserve, need and increasingly demand. The term “auditor” has its origin in “hearer” or “listener”, and at Morison ACPM we are proud of what this represents: listening to our clients has been and is our priority.


The keys to our commitment are based on work that is organized, planned and carried out by recurring teams, year after year, directly supervised by a partner.


Our reports add veracity, credibility and value to our client’s economic and financial information, thanks to the prestigious reputation that our company cultivates year upon year. Providing reliability with regard to a company’s economic and financial information, both internally for its shareholders and governing body and externally for its customers, suppliers, financial institutions and any other entity with which it interacts, is our reason for being.


Among audit-related services, we offer the following:

- Annual accounts audit (individual and consolidated)

- Reports as independent experts and accounting experts

- Expert reports for different jurisdictions

- Design, implementation, assessment and review of internal control systems

- Limited audit reviews and audit of agreed procedures

- Due Diligence

- Certification of government assistance and subsidies

- Travel agency audits (IATA)

- Follow-up refinancing agreement reports

- Forensic audits